Documenting some of the corn industry’s contributions in addressing crop and animal production at national and grassroots levels, the National Corn Growers Association released a report on corn and livestock recently in Washington.


“Corn growers and livestock producers have long had a beneficial relationship, “said NCGA Production and Stewardship Chair Dean Taylor, a grower in Iowa. “Collectively, beef, poultry, pork and dairy producers represent corn growers’ No. 1 customer. Both industries share common interests on agricultural issues and continue to need each other to be profitable and successful.”


The Corn & Livestock booklet highlights recent efforts in grain quality research, communication and outreach and distillers grains research conducted by NCGA and its state affiliates that impact the livestock industry.

Also contained in the booklet are tables of corn and livestock statistics from the 28 states that maintain member or checkoff organizations.


To download the Corn & Livestock booklet, click here .